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Fighting social exclusion in rural areas

[ Summary ]


Chapter 2:
Diagnosis and strategies to fight
social exclusion in rural areas


2.4 Conclusion


The new ways in which the fight against social exclusion needs to be conceived are not very compatible with centralised and standardised approaches.

On the contrary, these new conceptions imply that the area’s resources and the social links still there are immediately put to use. It is on the basis of the proximity and direct knowledge of the social realities that new behaviour and new ways of thinking can be developed. These changes are essential if the fight against exclusion is to really be effective.

A large number of the actions launched in rural areas these past ten years have been in this direction. Seeking to take advantage of local resources, these actions open new prospects for a territorial approach to the fight against social exclusion that takes account of all the needs and resources present in the area. Methods and tools have been developed for this and will be examined in the following chapter.

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