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Fighting social exclusion in rural areas

[ Summary ]


Chapter 2:
Diagnosis and strategies to fight
social exclusion in rural areas


How do we determine how severe the social exclusion in a given area is and on the basis of that decide what strategic elements need to be taken into account in a more general approach to development?

To answer this question, three elements have to be examined:

  • the unfulfilled needs leading to social exclusion - the social exclusion has to be analysed in the rural area concerned;

  • what is already being done to fight social exclusion. A list has to be drawn up of the public and private institutions involved in the fight against social exclusion, and the results of the measures and actions carried out have to be examined;

  • the difference between the unfulfilled needs and what is already being done. Here, it is important to understand for the area concerned what new approaches can be taken to narrow this gap and what types of strategy should be taken into account to fight social exclusion.

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