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Creating jobs in rural areas


In a word...
Yves Champetier, Director, LEADER European Observatory

The LEADER way to employment
Elena Saraceno demonstrates that the multisectoral, global, area- based approach of the Community Initiative for rural development has generated excellent ideas, tools and methods that have led to the creation of jobs, even in the most disadvantaged areas.

"Three new sources for jobs",
Joseph Serin [LEADER Ouest-Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France]

"Equal opportunity, a priority for our area",
José Maria Gómez-Caro and Manuel Soriano Huerta [LEADER Don Quijote de La Mancha, Castiglia-La Mancha, Spain]

LEADER, a forum for the initiatives of the Vogelsberg (Hessen, Germany): The job centre
Animation, training, counselling, networking... The local action group of the Vogelsberg in Germany has been at the forefront of project support, putting employment at the top of the agenda.

KORA and LEADER: two allies working to train people

New businesses and job creation in the Mezzogiorno: The LEADER push
A new economic culture is taking hold in the mountainous areas of southern Italy. For young people, profession no longer rhymes with administration or emigration but with creation and innovation. A new brand of talking and thinking has developed which LEADER is helping to spread.

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