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Challenges for rural areas

key word: methodology and development
source: LEADER Magazine n°12
date of publication: 10/96


Introduction by Yves Champetier

Interview of M. Franz Fischler

  • Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development on the European Conference in Cork (7-9 November 1996), Community structural policy and the essential modernisation of rural areas.

Partnership, participation and capacity building: rural development based on bottom-up strategies:

  • Drawing the lessons from LEADER, Prof. Joseph Mannion examines the relevance of "bottom-up" local strategies as part of European and national rural development policies.

LEADER and the challenges facing rural areas(part 1)

  • Four participants of local action groups each present a special challenge that their area has had to face or is currently facing.
  • "Building the image of Serra do Caldeirão(Portugal)
  • "A key word: quality"(Sierra Sur de Sevilla, Spain)
  • "Reconciling tourism and environmental responsibility"(Austria)
  • "Taking full advantage of new technologies"(Argyll & the Islands, United Kingdom)
  • "Reconciling tourism and environmental responsibility" Millevaches(France)
    An isolated area touching the three departments of Limousin, the Plateau of Millevaches has succeeded in overcoming its main handicaps by playing the innovation card. But the road to recognition as an area is long.
  • Vinschgau / Val Venosta:in complete synergy(Italy)

    • The integration of the main sectors of the local economy is at the centre of the development strategy of the LAG of Alto Adige. The secrets of success.
      Cover: Laas (Lasa) in the upper valley of the Adige river (Vinschgau / Val Venosta LEADER area, Italy).

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