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Culture and Rural Development


In a word...
by Yves Champetier, Director, LEADER European Observatory

Culture, an important tool in local development
Cultural development should no longer be considered an optional extra, but rather a motor for economic and social development.

The social dimensions of culture
Culture has four social dimensions which can lead to development.

LEADER, culture and rural development
Local culture acting as a source of activities, pride and well-being, is at the heart of the strategy of Local Action Groups.

Exploiting the cultural heritage in Maestrazgo-Teruel: counting on identity to produce sustainable development
For the Maestrazgo-Teruel LEADER group in Spain, exploiting its natural and cultural heritage is a strategy aimed as much at producing a change in mentalities as at efficient land management.

Promoting the local culture: the Lochaber experience
The Lochaber LEADER group (Scotland) is supporting projects which place a major emphasis on culture, to increase the sense of belonging to the land and to develop tourism in the most remote regions of the area.

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