Transnational cooperation between rural areas



In a word...
by Franz Fischler, Member of the European Commission in charge of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development

Transnational cooperation, the “third dimension” of local development
Cooperation between rural areas of different countries is a longterm procedure, often difficult but always worthwhile in the end. Over half the beneficiary areas of LEADER II have for this reason become “European partners” in nearly 400 projects covering a wide variety of themes.

A great diversity of themes, just like rural Europe
Tourism, agri-food products, technologies, development methodologies... The themes covered by the LEADER II transnational projects are extremely varied, reflecting the great diversity of Europe’s rural areas.

Cooperation, an excellent tool to build Europe and to promote rural development
Anne-Marie Comparini [ President of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council - France]

North and south working together for local development
Brenda Hegarty [LEADER Fermanagh, Northern Ireland] and Adge King [Cavan/Monaghan, Ireland]

Cooperating with Central Europe, learning about each other
Joan Asby [LEADER South Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom]

Diversification, innovation and cooperation in Montaña Palentina (Spain): Up hill and down rail
The northern part of the province of Palencia in Castile-León is working with LEADER to develop quality culture and adventure tourism. The local action group hopes to revive disused railways in Spain for tourism. For this purpose, the ultimate weapon could be the “cyclerail” which is the subject of cooperation with the LEADER groups of Haut-Allier (France) and Vogelsberg (Germany).

Skogslandet's competitive trilogy nature, culture and solidarity (Sweden): LEADER polar circles 20
Penalised by its northern latitude, the largest LEADER area is graced with an exceptional environment, a unique cultural heritage and “development groups” active in every village. Three major assets that the LAG of Skogslandet (“Land of Forests”) combines and intends to further consolidate through cooperation.

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