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Transnational cooperation between rural areas

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The “European Wilderness Challenge” project:
the key phases


  • 1989: first “Raid Gauloises” held in New Zealand.

  • 1993: meeting of the Western Isles and Skogslandet groups at a “Directoria” in Brussels. This leads to the first LEADER cooperation in the field of teleworking.

  • 1994: first “Western Isles Challenge” held in the Hebrides, Scotland.

  • 1996: third Western Isles Challenge - the Scottish LEADER group feels the need to create a circuit of multisport competitions with other European areas. Skogslandet is the perfect partner.

  • 1997: the Greek LAG of Kalabaka-Pyli (Thessalia) joins the two Scottish and Swedish LEADER groups

  • November 1997: meeting of the three partners at the LEADER symposium in Brussels.

  • May 1998: meeting of the three partners on the Hebrides islands in the presence of international experts on adventure racing, sponsoring and the organisation of events.

  • July 1998: meeting of the three partners in Sweden - 7 teams from Scandinavia participate in the first 400 km trial competition through Skogslandet.

  • September 1998: meeting of the three partners in Greece.

  • May 1999: additional meeting of the three partners on the Hebrides islands.

  • July 1999: “TEO 99”, first adventure race between Narvik and Luleĺ (650 km).


source: LEADER Magazine nr.21 - Autumn, 99

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