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Marketing local products:
Short and long distribution channels

[ Summary ]

Section II
Collectively marketing local
products via long distribution channels


Chapter 3


This chapter emphasises a number of key elements that must be taken into account at the start-up phase of an initiative: planning of activities, the partnership and the sales department.


3.1 Planning collective initiatives for
the commercial development of local
products: customisation


  • Measures in this area must be tailor-made and adapted to the needs of the producers involved in the commercial initiative. Within a short time they need to see some initial concrete results that are quantifiable in terms of sales. This is an aspect that must be taken into consideration right from the planning phase, before launching into sophisticated market analyses and promotional activities or adopting cutting-edge telematic technologies.

  • The chief requirement of small traditional businesses, which is not always explicit, is still to set up an efficient and professional sales department at a reasonable cost that is able to accomplish tasks that would not otherwise be within the reach of individual businesses.

  • The first approach will therefore be to analyse conditions at the outset, or in other words, the characteristics of the businesses participating in the project. At this stage, it will be necessary to define the production structure, products, business structure, management system, the characteristics and attitude of company managers and other human relations elements [1].


    [1] see technical data sheet n 2:
    "Model description of firms participating
    in a collective marketing project".

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