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Marketing local products:
Short and long distribution channels

[ Summary ]

Section I
Marketing local products via short distribution channels


Chapter 5
Placing products on the market



5.2 Territorial dimension of supply


Many LEADER areas have a wealth of food products and craft workers associated with local traditions. By linking the product to the area, it is possible to devise new service-related products. In this case, each area and each group has to capitalise on its own assets. Particular consideration must be given to ensuring that service providers recover their work and investment by charging customers for services (sale of products, meals included in tourist activities, accommodation, entrance tickets for a visit, etc.).

    “Sunday in the Country” (Rhône-Alpes, France)

    Producers offer their customers, city-dwellers from Lyon, an afternoon of relaxation in the hills of the Lyon countryside. The distribution channel is based on combining the local supply of apples, at a distance not too far from consumer centres, which city folk nevertheless consider to be “the countryside”, with the skills and motivation of a group of farmers interested in promotional activities.

    The principle is for customers to help make apple pies on the producers’ farm at weekends. Afterwards they go home with their pies, as well as with other products from the farm that are on sale in the shopping area adjacent to the kitchen/rest area.

    For a more detailed description of this initiative, see the directory of “Innovative action programmes and rural development” (LEADER European Observatory).

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