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Methodology guide for the analysis of innovative actions

What is the purpose of this guide?

At local level, this guide is intended for use as a working document to identify, monitor, and evaluate the actions being implemented in the local area. In the context of the LEADER Network, it is a way of collecting indispensable information to assist the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between rural areas throughout the European Union.

How to use this guide?
  1. This document is primarily intended for collective use. It enables the various partners involved to jointly develop an analysis of the initial stages, the initiative, and the chosen project. It is not merely a description of the action, but aims to highlight and to explain the innovative aspects that it brings, i.e., the new aspects which did not previously exist and which bring about positive changes to the local area.
  2. When completing this form we would ask you to take great care: use precise words and concise sentences, make your descriptions and explanations as factual and as concrete as possible, as this will facilitate the task of the local partners and, subsequently, exchanges with other local areas.
  3. Copies of this document may be obtained from the on-line information system"Rural Europe" set up by the LEADER European Observatory.

For which actions?
  1. It is up to those in charge at local level to decide. This guide, which is primarily intended as a working document for internal use, may prove very useful in order to help analyze and monitor very diverse actions: initiatives undertaken by local businesses, individuals, organisations requesting or who have qualified for support under LEADER; simple and complex actions, implemented by the Local Action Group or by one of its partners; the approach or specific methods, etc.
    This guide can therefore be used both to analyze activities which are as diverse as, for example, the initiative untertaken by a farmer diversifying his activities, a communication action undertaken by a LAG, a quality initiative for local businesses, or even conceiving and marketing a new tourism product.
  2. Only information which local leaders consider most likely to inspire and enrich exchanges between areas at national and European level will be sent to national networks as well as to the LEADER European Observatory.

When to use this guide?
  1. This document can be used both for the analysis of ongoing actions, in order to help the monitoring process, as well as for analyzing completed actions, where innovative aspects are likely to interest all those in the rural economy involved in similar projects.
  2. This guide can be used during successive stages:
    • in many cases, it will not be possible to answer all the questions while the project is being launched
    • the answers to the different questions will develop as the project itself develops
    The answer sheet can be used on a number of occasions, in greater detail each time, in order to assist the monitoring and regular evaluation of the action.
  3. Information on the most significant actions will be made available by the national Network or by the LEADER European Observatory when the action is considered sufficiently advanced to enable a quality exchange with those involved in actions in other European rural areas. Whenever possible, this information is transferred electronically, either on computer diskette, by Email to or through this section of Rural Europe.

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