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The information bulletin of the LEADER II programme of the European Commission

Archives 1997 / 1998

Latest issues of INFO LEADER

INFO LEADER Nr.66 - 12/98
  • Towards LEADER's Measure C: intensification of transnational cooperation
  • Results of seminar on "How to transfer innovation? "
  • OECD seminar on isolated areas
  • Facilitating the taking-over of farms to revitalise the countryside: operation "RELANCE" [CÉVENNES, LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON, FRANCE]
Supplement Nr.66 - 12/98
  • 40 proposals for transnational cooperation
INFO LEADER Nr.65 - 11/98
  • First concrete elements on the future Community Initiative for rural development
  • Outcome of the seminar on "Finding answers to situations of exclusion in rural areas "
  • "SCOOPE": instilling children with the spirit of enterprise [TIPPERARY, IRELAND]
INFO LEADER Nr.64 - 10/98
  • Third meeting of the National Coordination Units of the LEADER Network in Brussels
  • The United Kingdom: an operational National LEADER Unit
  • Results of the survey on the LEADER Magazine: A much appreciated publication
  • Angus: Improving public transport in scattered rural areas [Scotland, United Kingdom ]
INFO LEADER Nr.63 - 08-09/98
  • Rural Europe: the LEADER areas on-line
  • Evaluation of the seminar “Changes in employment and new information technologies”
  • Reintroducing an old technique: the craft production of paper from textile fibres [DÃO, LAFÕES E ALTO PAIVA, PORTUGAL]
INFO LEADER Nr.62 - 6/98
  • LEADER II: more than 900 beneficiaries
  • Evaluation of the LEADER seminar “Choosing renewable energies for sustainable development ”
  • “RURALVOC”, a multilingual LEADER thesaurus
  • “Commerce 2000”: supporting local distributive trades in less-favoured rural areas
SUPPLEMENT Nr.62 - 5/98
INFO LEADER Nr.61 - 5/98
  • Directorate - General for Agriculture: Reform of advisory committees
  • Results of the seminar "Developing and marketing tourism products around recreational trails "
  • LEADER at the Lisbon Expo: the "Boat of the Rural World " [PORTUGAL]
INFO LEADER Nr.60 - 4/98
  • "Guide on the administrative implementation of Measure C"
  • Review of the seminar "Indicators to monitor and assess the LEADER programme "
  • A comprehensive range of support services for local development: the "Waldviertel Management" agency [Lower Austria]
INFO LEADER N.59 - 3/98
  • The seminars in year 4
  • An interface between small agri-food producers and up-market niches: the "Bía Na Rí" enterprise [Shannon, Ireland]
SUPPLEMENT N.59 - 3/98
  • A new framework for rural development in Europe
INFO LEADER N.58 - 2/98
  • Programme of activities for year 4
  • Three new LEADER seminars
  • Meeting of the LEADER network's national coordinating units
  • Marketing organic products in short channels: the "EKO - Boerderijen Route" [Drenthe, Netherlands]
INFO LEADER N.55 - 12/97
  • LEADER II on the ground: 821 beneficiaries so far
  • Public services at a distance: introduction of "teleservices" in isolated rural are a s [Southern Corsica, France]
  • G reece: national coordinating unit is opera t i o n a l
  • Results of seminar "Protecting nature, the driving fo rce behind rural deve l o p m e n t " ( Usedom, Ostvorpommern LEADER area, Germany )
INFO LEADER N.53 - 08/97
  • First European meeting of LEADER national coordinating units
  • LEADER regional programme of Wallonia approved
  • Transnational cooperation: 10 projects approved
  • Analysing an innovative action
  • Distribution of LEADER Magazine
  • Raising children's awareness of local development: the initiative of the Dão-Mondego group
INFO LEADER N.52 - 06/97
  • European Cohesion Forum: towards a redefinition of the structural funds
  • Finland: the coordinator of the LEADER II Network is chosen
  • Appraisal of the "Selecting local projects" seminar
  • Implementation of "Territorial Pacts for Employment"
  • A new LEADER publication: the "Innovative Rural Development Actions" Directory
  • Support for teleworking: the successful experience of the Western Isles, Skye & Lochalsh group
INFO LEADER N.51 - 05/97
  • Second report on theimplementation of LEADER II
  • Appraisal of the "Challenges and methodology of transnational cooperation" seminar
  • Sweden: a coordinator has been chosen for the LEADER II Network
  • A technological innovation at the service of rural development: the "cyclorail"
INFO LEADER N.50 - 04/97
  • 5Oth issue of Info-LEADER:survey, multiplier effect andgoing "on line"
  • Irish and Dutch LEADER networks
  • LEADER in Germany:expanding and arousing greater interest
  • Redeveloping a village: Wulkow

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