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This document describes the features of the private part of the Rica application that are common to RICA-1 and RICA-2. Click on the needed link and automatically the page will scroll until the selected topic.

Access to the RICA private applications. 1

Generic screen functions. 4

Access to the RICA private applications

Any user must authenticate himself by introducing his user identification and password.

The access to Rica-1 contains 3 steps:

Access to the secured area. 1

Selection of the Rica application. 2

Authentication of the user. 3

Availability of the Rica applications. 3

Access to the secured area

To reach this secured area, press on the link labeled ‘Private’ on the top menu at the right hand side.


Selection of the Rica application

After this the user has the choice between the 2 available private RICA applications:

·                 RICA-1 : to upload and test farm accounting data

·                 RICA-2 : to query the EC data warehouse on agriculture

Depending on his user id the user will be able to access one or both of these applications. His user id also determines his user profile, i.e. the functionality available to him

·                 CircaBC : Direct link to FADN Interest group


Authentication of the user

Once the user has chosen his application, he is invited to authenticate himself via the ECAS interface. To do this, the user must enter his user identification and his password and then press the button labeled ‘LOGIN’.

An automatic logout is issued when the browser is closed.

Availability of the Rica applications

It is possible that some or all of the RICA applications are not or less available than normal:

·                 either there is some extra information that is communicated to the user by means of a message on top of the main screen of the application

·                 either there is a warning that is communicated to the user by means of a message on top of each screen of the application

·                 either an application is not available at all : the user will be get a specific screen explaining the unavailability and will not be able to access the application

Generic screen functions

Screen description. 4

Change language. 5

Screen description

The following picture shows you the default template of all webpages of the RICA applications.




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Change language

In the top of the screen you see which language is activated. If you want to change it just click the drop down list of the languages and select.

This functionality is available only on the main menu of RICA-1.  RICA-2 exists only in English.