How to register the aid for energy crops (article 88 of Regulation 1782/2003, 45€/ha)?
The aid for energy crops (article 88 of Regulation 1782/2003, 45€/ha) has to be registered in M655. The number of basic units for payments (column 4) and the total payments received or due to be paid for the accounting year considered (column 5 Total aid) have to be recorded. No reference yield has to be recorded since it is a payment per hectare (see RICC1256 rev.5, p60). From 2007 onwards, the new Member States can also grant this aid (regulation 2012/2006). For your information, a coefficient of reduction has been applied for this aid in 2007 (0,70337, regulation 1413/2007). For the purpose of FADN only, the coefficient of reduction should be applied to the reference amount (i.e. 45€/ha*0.70337=31,65165) and not the area per farmer (as stipulated in regulation 1413/2007 for the purpose of the direct payments management).

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