How to record area and production of market gardening crops (e.g. tomatoes and leaf vegetables) which are grown in rotation on the same area?
If the details for the production of tomatoes and leaf vegetables are available in the accounts, the details are to be entered in table K under the subheadings (337 for Tomatoes, 336 for Leaf vegetables) of the main headings 136, 137 or 138 Vegetables and non-perennial fruit. For market gardening crops (K_137) the only possible type of crop code is 4.
In the main heading the area is recorded only once.
For subheadings 335 to 344 the actual cropped areas of each of the successive crops are recorded. Where successive crops are cultivated, the sum of the areas of subheadings 335 to 344 will be greater than the sum of the utilised agricultural area (UAA) in headings 136, 137, 138, 140, 141.

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