Farm economy focus is a serie of country fact-sheets based on the latest FADN data available. The purpose of this publication is to make the FADN data more easily available to the general public, as soon as the data quality check process is finalised for each country.

The data presented in tables, graphs and maps, are a subset of the standard results available in the FADN public database, which is updated on a yearly basis, after the yearly data have been validated for all the countries.

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INLB-Daten für das Geschäftsjahr
15/07/2014 Italy 
07/07/2014 Austria 
01/07/2014 Slovakia 
01/07/2014 Bulgaria 
01/07/2014 Malta 
20/06/2014 Portugal 
06/06/2014 Finland 
02/06/2014 Greece 
16/04/2014 Luxembourg 
02/04/2014 Hungary 
10/03/2014 Latvia 

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