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FADN information is aggregated into a Standard Results database available for the following dimensions: Time (year), geographic (Country, Region), Typology (Type of Farming, TF8/TF14 and economic size SIZ6). A description of these dimensions and of the Standard Results can be found in the Diffusion chapter. The calculation of the Standard Results is based on the weighting system described in the Methodology chapter.

The Standard Results Database can be consulted through a set of dynamic reports organized in themes or a set of data files for download only.

Accounting year 2016 - preliminary data: Please note that data concerning the accounting year 2016 are considered preliminary as they are displayed as sent by Member States after national validation but without having been fully validated by the Commission services.

Recording of quantity of fertilizers will be compulsory as of accounting year 2017 and the complete data set is expected to become available in 2019. Until then, we can only provide these data for a limited number of countries.

DWH - Data WareHouse SO - Standard Output
SGM - Standard Gross Margins

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(*) Provisional information
  • Please note that accounting year 2014 was the first year when FADN data were collected with the new Farm Return structure and content provided in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/220, Member States could modify some 2014 FADN data as a result of consistency checks with other accounting years.
  • Netherlands 2000 data are estimates based on 1999 data.

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