Preliminary Standard Results are a limited scope of aggregated FADN variables which are publicly presented before the finalisation of the reported data for the actual accouting year. Publishing figures on a preliminary basis serves the objective of meeting public interest in recent FADN data in a timely manner.

The data outline the most essential features of agricultural activities taking place in the Member States in the actual period, and provides a comparative basis for evolution to previous periods at aggregated levels.

Preliminary Standard Results consist of both structural and financial variables. For structural variables data are provided by Member State, while for the financial figures there is a further breakdown by eight specialised type of farming categories (TF8).

Data presented as preliminary have already undergone a set of basic controls, but are not yet fully verified. In the course of the usual ongoing detailed verification process updates to the preliminary data could take place at regular intervals. Data are not or only partially published for a Member State, if the basic controls are not concluded for the actual year

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