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Research and innovation

Agricultural research and innovation

Research and innovation in agriculture and forestry are of particular importance to cope with the challenges that the sectors are facing today.

The main challenges are:

  • securing viable food production in face of a growing world food demand;
  • ensuring sustainable management of natural resources and climate action;
  • and contributing to a balanced territorial development of the EU’s rural areas.

In order to foster a positive development of the farm and forestry sectors throughout the Union, the EU supports (multinational) agricultural research and innovation projects under its Research and Innovation Framework, Horizon 2020.

Likewise, it is possible to support innovation projects under Member States' rural development programmes co-funded by the EU.

The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI), which links the different policies, works to facilitate a broader take up of research and innovative solutions on the ground and to develop a research agenda which is more targeted to farmers' and foresters'  needs.


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