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Name: Saint-Nectaire
Countries of Origin: FR Application Type: PDO
Dossier Number: FR/PDO/0017/0132 Type of Product: Class 1.3. Cheeses
Status: Registered
Date of Registration:       21.06.1996
Date of 1st Amendment:       26.06.2015

Authority/Control Body
Address: "10, rue des Frères Lumière ZI du Brézet 63 100 CLERMONT-FERRAND" Tél :(33 4) Fax:(33 4)
URL: Authority/Control Body

Official Journal Publications
Official Journal L148 21.06.1996
Official Journal C299 09.09.2017
Official Journal L19  24.01.2018
Official Journal L161 26.06.2015
Official Journal C29  29.01.2015

Other Documents
2016 Modif temporaire    (2016 Modif temporaire)
FR_0017_0132_SPE_FR_O.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SPE_FR_O.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_DA.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_DA.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_DE.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_DE.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_EN.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_EN.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_ES.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_ES.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_FR_O.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_FR_O.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_IT.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_IT.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_NL.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_NL.pdf)
FR_0017_0132_SUM_PT.pdf    (FR_0017_0132_SUM_PT.pdf)
Modification Temporaire 2015    (Modification Temporaire 2015)
Modification temporaire 2016    (Modification temporaire 2016)

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