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Name: Carnalentejana
Countries of Origin: PT Application Type: PDO
Dossier Number: PT/PDO/0117/0209 Type of Product: Class 1.1. Fresh meat (and offal)
Status: Registered
Date of Registration:       21.06.1996
Date of 1st Amendment:       29.07.2008

Producer Group
Name: CARNALENTEJANA S.A, Agrupamento de Produtores de Bovinos da Raça Alentejna
Address: Estrada do Moinho Vento 7350‐230 Elvas Telefone: 268 639 480 Fax: 268 622 455
URL: Producer Group

National/Regional Authority
Name: Direção-Geral de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural
Address: Av. Afonso Costa, nº3 1949-002 Lisboa Telefone: 218442200 Fax: 218442202
URL: National/Regional Authority

Authority/Control Body
Name: CERTIS -Controlo e Certificação, Lda.
Address: Rua Diana de Liz – Horta do Bispo – Ap.320 7006-804 Évora Telefone: 266 769 564/5 Fax: 266 769 566
URL: Authority/Control Body

Official Journal Publications
Official Journal L290 13.11.1996
Official Journal C255 27.10.2007
Official Journal L200 29.07.2008
Official Journal L148 21.06.1996

Other Documents
PT_0017_0209_SPE_PT_O.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SPE_PT_O.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_DA.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_DA.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_DE.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_DE.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_EL.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_EL.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_EN.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_EN.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_ES.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_ES.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_FR.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_FR.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_IT.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_IT.pdf)
PT_0017_0209_SUM_NL.pdf    (PT_0017_0209_SUM_NL.pdf)

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