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Agricultural Situation in the Candidate Countries - Country Report: Turkey

The report on Turkey completes the series of publications on the Accession and Candidate Countries. This series of reports aims at providing factual information on the agricultural sector and rural regions in these countries by exploiting available statistics and information. The report on Turkey provides information on key developments for the agricultural sector and rural areas in Turkey.

Turkey is the largest country among the Candidate and Accession Countries with the lowest per capita income. Agriculture in Turkey is still the most important source of employment and provides income and subsistence for the vast majority of the rural population. Turkish agriculture is characterised by very small size farms, most of them subsistence farms. The main products are fruit and vegetables in the coastal regions and livestock and meat in the large mountainous areas. Turkey is a net exporter of agricultural and food products. Its main trade partners are the EU and the Candidate and Accession Countries. Important other trade links exist as well with the USA and countries in the Mediterranean basin and the Arab Gulf.

Published in January 2004.

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