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"Sapard annual report - year 2002"

This annual report on Special Pre-Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (Sapard) describes the work done in the framework of the Programme in the year 2002 as well as the results that have been achieved. To provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of the operational function of the Programme the report includes some additional developments of the early part of 2003. This is the first annual report that applies to all ten beneficiary countries and the outcome of its operation in preparation for accession. The report comments inter alia on the Conferral of Management of Aid to the ten candidate countries and on the reshaping of the legal framework with the introduction of a number of technical changes through the Annual Financing Agreement for 2002. It describes and presents other specific initiatives taken by the Commission to help with application of Sapard, such as helping to prepare Monitoring Committees, giving advice during them and ensuring follow-up of all initiatives taken in that context.

Adopted and published as COM(2003) 582 final on 07/10/2003.

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