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"Sapard annual report - year 2001"

Accreditation of Sapard Agencies in five of the ten candidate countries during 2001 signified an important step towards enlargement, according to the second Sapard annual report. While the first report, published in July 2001, gave an overview of the Sapard instrument and its rules, this second report is able to comment on the programme at work following the conferral of management of the instrument to some of the candidate countries.

Other achievements in the last year include the setting up of monitoring committees in all ten countries, the approval of the Annual Financing Agreements 2001, and seminars organised by the European Commission to deal with the main issues of Sapard implementation. "Such administrative capacity building work is imperative in the enlargement context," says the report, and represents a "major task" for the candidate countries. "The European Commission has been considerably encouraged by comments from various candidate countries recognising the contribution Sapard makes in the context of enlargement preparations". The report also includes contributions from several candidate countries commenting on their early experiences and expectations for subsequent developments. By the time of the report's adoption, a further three countries had also secured conferral of management decisions for their national agencies responsible for Sapard.

Adopted and published as COM(2002) 434 final on 30/07/2002.

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"Sapard annual report - year 2000" [pdf]

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