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The situation in Portuguese agriculture

Overall steady progress and success in certain sectors, as well as structural weaknesses which continue to hamper the development of Portuguese agriculture - these are the main findings of a report analysing the situation in Portuguese agriculture. The Commission was asked by the European Council to present this report, following a request by Portugal at the summit of December 2002 in Copenhagen. The analysis shows that Portuguese agriculture continues to be affected by several specific difficulties. Economic output and income per labour unit, although steadily improving, remain very low, largely due to the fact that Portuguese agricultural labour is poorly equipped with land and capital and because there is serious underlying underemployment in the sector. The assessment of the Commission is that the specific nature of the problems experienced by Portuguese agriculture cannot just be traced to deeply rooted structural adjustment problems, but are also affected by the manner in which the CAP currently applies to Portugal. In global terms, the Commission expects that Portuguese agriculture would profit from the new perspectives offered by the various elements of the current CAP reform proposal. In becoming more market-oriented and thereby facilitating quality production, the CAP will be better adapted to the possibilities for growth in Portuguese agriculture.

The Commission's "Report on the situation in Portuguese agriculture" has been published as a Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament [COM(2003) 359 final]. A working document entitled "Agricultural situation in Portugal" was prepared by DG Agriculture as a background report to accompany the Communication.

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"Report on the situation in Portuguese agriculture"
[COM(2003) 359 final]
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"Agricultural situation in Portugal"
DG Agriculture Working Document (06/2003)
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