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Prospects for agricultural markets 2002-2009

This publication provides a picture of the likely developments of agricultural markets up to 2009, based on a certain number of assumptions and on the statistical information available in April 2002. An updated outlook for EU markets is based on the statistical information available at the end of September 2002.

The publication contains three chapters. The first chapter centres on the market prospects by the year 2009 within the EU and covers the following products: cereals, oilseeds, rice, meat, milk and the main dairy products. Chapter II provides a description of the likely prospects of agricultural markets in the ten Central and Eastern European Countries, which are candidates for accession to the EU. Finally, a presentation of the medium and long-term prospects of agricultural world markets, established by different international organisations and institutes, is given in chapter III.

Published in June 2002 [update for EU markets: December 2002]

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Update for EU markets [pdf]

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Table of contents / Foreword / List of acronyms and abbreviations [pdf]

Executive summary [pdf]

Chapter I [pdf]

Chapter II [pdf]

Chapter III [pdf]

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