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Promotional measures

Promotion of EU farm products: How does it work?

The priority areas and criteria for funding actions under the promotion policy are set out each year in a work programme.

>> Go to the annual work programme for 2016


On this basis, calls for proposals are published, detailing the different types of funding schemes available and the procedures to follow.

>> Go to the 2016 call for proposals as regards simple programmes български (bg)czech (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)Français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)hrvatski (bg)italiano (it)latviešu (lv)lietuvių (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv)

>> Go to the 2016 call for proposals as regards multi  programmes български (bg)czech (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)Français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)hrvatski (bg)italiano (it)latviešu (lv)lietuvių (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv)


Calls for tenders may also be published all year round.

Proposals are evaluated by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA), assisted by external experts.

External experts are selected through calls for expression of interest.

>> See the current call for expression of interest


Each year, the proposals to be co-funded are announced in awarding decisions.