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Promotional measures

Regulation post 2015

The new Regulation (EU) n° 1144/2014 for the promotion policy provides:

  • A significant increase in the aid allocated to information and promotion initiatives on internal market and in third countries reaching EUR 200 million in 2019
  • The establishment of an EU promotion strategy, to better target promotion measures and increase the number of programmes aiming in particular at third countries
  • Widening the scope of measures: 1) These measures will be able to cover a larger selection of agricultural products as well as food products (e.g. chocolate) with more flexibility to mention brands and origin of products.  2) Extending eligible beneficiaries to include producer organisations and EU-level organisations
  • The end of national co-financing which has led to distortions of competitions due to diverging financing rates, now compensated by significantly higher EU co-financing rates in comparison to the current regime
  • Simplifying administrative procedures, with selection henceforth taking place in one phase at the Commission and elimination of the pre-selection phase at the level of member states
  • Facilitating management of multi programmes via a one-stop shop at the Commission (executive agency) to facilitate the implementation and expand such programs offering high European added value.

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This basic act is supplemented with two Regulations:

  • The Commission Delegated Regulation notably laying down rules concerning the eligibility of proposing organisations and promotion programmes and the costs eligible for EU funding.

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  • The Commission Implementing Regulation containing notably rules on the visibility of origin and brands, the management of programmes, payments and controls.

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