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Promotional measures

A dynamic promotion policy oriented towards the needs of the sector on European and world markets.

The Commission has developed a promotion policy since many years. Determined to maintain the conditions of competitiveness for years to come and thus meet the needs of the sector in the European and global markets, the Commission opted for a revision of this framework in a phased approach.

After the consultation phase (the "Green Book"), the European Commission presented in March 2012 a strategic guidance document ("communication") and in November 2013 a legislative proposal. A political agreement was reached on 1 April between the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament on the promotion policy of the EU.

The new regulation was formally adopted on 22 October 2014 and published on 4 November 2014. It will enter into force on 1 December 2015.



4 November:  publication of Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014 български (bg)czech (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)Français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)hrvatski (bg)italiano (it)latviešu (lv)lietuvių (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv)

22 October:  signature by the Council and the European Parliament

16 September:  following legal-linguistic finalisation, a corrigendum to the EP's position pdf - 139 KB [139 KB] български (bg)čeština (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti keel (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)hrvatski (hr)italiano (it)latviešu valoda (lv)lietuvių kalba (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv) was adopted.


Julylegal/linguistic finalisation of the text by the Council and the EP

30 April:  adoption of the opinion of the Economic and Social Committee

15 April:  adoption of the EP's position at 1st reading

02 April:  adoption of the opinion of the Committee of the Regions



21 November:  presentation of the legislative proposals



30 March:  adoption of the communication on promotion of agricultural products

30 January:  publication of the external evaluation study on the functioning of the horizontal scheme for promotion of agricultural products



29 November:  conference on promotion policy organised in Warsaw by the Polish presidency and presentation of the conclusions of the green paper consultation

7 October:  end of the green paper public consultation (173 contributions received)

14 July:  adoption of the green paper on promotion of agricultural products and launch of the public consultation







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