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Commission Communication on promotion measures and information provision for agricultural products

The aim of the legislative proposals for the reform of the CAP post-2013 currently being negotiated is to enable this policy to contribute fully to the “Europe 2020” Strategy by supporting agriculture that guarantees food safety, the sustainable use of natural resources and the dynamism of rural areas as well as growth and employment.

An efficient promotion policy is key to reaching these objectives.

With this in mind, in-depth discussions were launched in July 2011, including a public debate, with the adoption of a Green Paper on information provision and promotion measures for agricultural products to serve as a flagship measure to reinforce the competitiveness of EU agriculture.

The reflections presented in this Communication are also based on the external evaluation report on the present promotion policy, prepared in 2011.

Against such a background, this Commission Communication aims at increasing the added value of the agri-food sector and its contribution to the European economy by moving towards a European and global promotion policy more focused on the commercial aspects of the sector.


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At the inter-institutional level:

>> The European Parliament presented its position in its resolution of 20 November 2012

>> The Economic and Social Committee presented its recommendations in its opinion of 11 July 2012 pdf - 54 KB [54 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)