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Promotion of farm products: National websites

On their national web sites, interested Member States publish twice-yearly calls for proposals from professional organisations for information and promotional campaigns about food and other farm products (including production methods). The calls for proposals describe who is eligible, how successful candidates will be selected and how the campaigns will be awarded.

The following list of links is based on information provided by the Member States. The Commission cannot guarantee the exactness or completeness of any information on the sites linked to below and declines all responsibility for any use made of such information.


Bulgaria Bulgaria


Belgium Belgium 


Czech Republic Czech Republic 


Denmark Denmark 


Estonia Germany 


Estonia Estonia


Greece Greece 


Spain Spain


France France 


Croatia Croatia

Ireland Ireland 


Italia Italia 


Cyprus Cyprus


Latvia Latvia


Lithuania Lithuania


Luxembourg Luxembourg


Hungary Hungary 


Malta Malta


The Netherlands The Netherlands 


Austria Austria 


Poland Poland 


Portugal Portugal 


Romania Romania


Slovenia Slovenia 


Luxembourg Slovakia and


Finland Finland 


Sweden Sweden 


United Kingdom United Kingdom