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The organic logo guarantees


  • The production respects nature.
  • The products are produced in a sustainable way.
  • The operators of organic production are controlled once per year by control bodies or control authorities to ensure that they respect all organic rules and all health and consumer protection rules.
  • Farm animals are freely grazing in the open-air and they are treated according to enhanced animal welfare conditions.
  • Genetically modified organisms are not allowed in organic agriculture.
  • For food, there are strict limitations to the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, antibiotics
  • Organic agriculture strictly limits the use of food additives and processing aids and other inputs.
  • Most of the inputs for farm production come from the farm itself using local resources and local knowledge.
  • Each and every time you buy an organic product from your supermarket, or choose an organic wine at your favourite restaurant, you can be sure they were produced according to strict rules aimed at respecting the environment and animal welfare.