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Ten Member States allowed to advance direct payments to farmers 

The Management Committee for Direct Payments backed unanimously Commission proposals to allow 10 Member States to pay to farmers up to 50% of direct payments for 2010 from 16 October onwards instead of from 1 December 2010. The Member States are: Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Spain. The financial crisis and a subsequent decrease in income, stricter conditions to get credits in the agriculture sector, price fluctuations for certain agricultural products and adverse weather conditions (drought, storms, heavy rainfall with floods, cold and hot weather) are the main elements that have severely affected farmers. In order to help alleviate the difficulties caused by these circumstances it is appropriate to authorise these countries to pay advances to farmers of up to 50% of the direct payments earlier than normally. The necessary verification of eligibility conditions must nevertheless be carried out before payment of the advances. The Commission will formally adopt the decisions in the near future.





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