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Agriculture Council: Commissioner Cioloş presents conclusions of Commission report on the implementation of the 2008 wine reform



The Commission recently submitted to the European Parliament and the Council its report on the experience gained with the implementation of the wine reform of 2008, the conclusions of which Commissioner Ciolos presented at today's Agriculture Council. 

Main conclusions

The main conclusions from the Commission report to the European Parliament and the Council on the experience gained with the implementation of the wine reform of 2008 are:

  • The 2008 wine reform aimed primarily at "increasing of the competitiveness of EU wine producers".
  • The Commission considers that the 2008 wine reform has been implemented successfully.
  • The removal of market intervention measures has occurred without major disturbances. The EU vineyard surfaces and production of wine have continued to adapt to demand over the last years.
  • According to the latest data, the market is quite stable, prices have improved and in spite of a continuous decrease of internal consumption, there is no evidence of the existence of structural surplus in the wine sector.
  • The grubbing-up scheme and the NSP have been fully implemented. 161 164 ha were grubbed up and around 305 000 ha restructured with EU funds.
  • Other important measures are being widely used, like promotion and investment. 97% of the funding was used. Most of the support consists in positive, forward looking measures, with promotion (17% in 2011), restructuration (40% in 2011) and investment (15% in 2011).
  • The latest trade information available shows that exports to third countries have increased significantly since 2007 and amount now to over 22 Mio hl (8.1 Billion € - the average export value per hl having improved). The first months of 2012 have shown even a slight increase compared to the equivalent period in 2011.
  • To conclude, the Commission considers that the continuation of the wine reform will contribute to enhance the competitiveness of the wine sector.
  • The Commission will further examine possible legislative improvements with a view to clarify and detail some specific issues, in particular as far as the NSP, the quality policy, the labelling and wine-making practices are concerned.


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