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Winners of the 2012 CAP Communication Awards

The CAP@50 campaign came to an end in Brussels on 9-11 December with the Communication networking event, a yearly rendez-vous of agricultural journalists, farmers’ associations and other relevant EU NGOs, other EU institutions and communication experts from the Member States’ Agricultural Ministries and the European Rural Development Network.

On 10 December, this audience of international communication experts voted in an Award Ceremony the best 12 CAP communication projects from a total of 118 applications.

Here are the winners of the 2012 CAP Communication Awards in the four categories!

Communication to the public

1st PRIZE Agri Aware (Ireland) 

Family Farm - an acre of fun representing an island or farming pdf - 141 KB [141 KB]

2ND PRIZE - Minha Terra - Federation of Portuguese Local Action Groups Associations (Portugal) 

Living Land pdf - 139 KB [139 KB]

3RD PRIZE - German Farmers' Association (Germany) 

Work with Passion pdf - 128 KB [128 KB]


Communication to stakeholders

1st PRIZE - ADEPT Foundation Transylvania (Romania) 

Information Networks for Farmers in Transylvania pdf - 134 KB [134 KB]

2ND PRIZE - CEJA - European Council of Young Farmers 

Future Food Farmers pdf - 137 KB [137 KB]

3RD PRIZE- Ana Maria Palacio Agreda and Francisco Martínez Arroyo (Spain) 

Handbook of the new CAP pdf - 137 KB [137 KB]


 EU co-financed actions

1st PRIZE - Hungarian Association of Young Farmers – AGRYA (Hungary) 

Communicating the Tools of the Common Agricultural Policy by the examples of young farmers pdf - 129 KB [129 KB]

2ND PRIZE - Passion Céréales (France) 

CAP Learning Tools pdf - 132 KB [132 KB]

3RD PRIZE - (Denmark) AG2020

Images of the Future pdf - 136 KB [136 KB]


Innovative communication

1st PRIZE - Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (Poland)   

The "Ranczo" TV series pdf - 147 KB [147 KB]

2ND PRIZE - Creative Crew (Italy) 

Shopping in the Countryside pdf - 132 KB [132 KB]

3RD PRIZE - Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (Netherlands) 

The CAP App pdf - 140 KB [140 KB]



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