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Czech and Slovak meat products registered as "traditional specialities guaranteed"



The European Commission today added the name of four meat products to the list of "traditional specialities guaranteed" (TSG).

The four products get the TSG protection as well in the Czech Republic as in Slovakia.

The names of the products are:

  • "Lovecký salám", "Liptovský salám", "Špekáčky "and "Spišské párky" for the Czech Republic
  • "Lovecká saláme", "Lipovská saláma", "Špekačky" and "Spišské párky" for Slovakia

TGS are, together with protected geographical indications (PGI) and protected designations of origin (PDO), the cornerstones of the EU agricultural quality policy that aims at promoting production of quality products and supporting rural development. Contrary to PGIs and PDOs, "traditional specialities guaranteed" do not refer to the origin of the product but highlight the traditional character, either in the composition or means of production.

This registration will not prevent other producers from using the name of the meat products, even if they do not follow the specifications approved. However, producers using a different recipe would not be allowed to use the TSG label.

The names are added to the list of about 30 already existing TSGs.


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