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Green light for collecting dairy surplus levy in 3-year instalments


A Commission proposal enabling more flexibility to dairy farmers facing surplus levy bills this year has been approved by Member States today and will be published in the Official Journal before the end of March.

Aimed at addressing cash-flow problems in the context of recent investment and lower prices in recent months, the concept allows Member States to enable producers to pay the amounts due from the 2014/15 quota year in 3 interest-free instalments over 3 years.

Commissioner Hogan stated: "This measure is a move that provides considerable flexibility to farmers facing cash-flow problems in 2015, at a time when they may be investing to take advantage of the post-quota environment."

EU rules require that Member States still pay the Commission the amounts due by the end of November 2015, but this change provides flexibility on recovering the levy from the individual producers.

Member States will have to indicate the number of beneficiaries under the scheme and the amount not yet recovered every year until the end of 2017. The first yearly payment shall be made by 30 September 2015.

Regulation (EC) No 595/2004 will be amended to include the newly adopted scheme.

Under the dairy quota rules, a surplus levy of 27.83 € per 100 kg is payable by those producers who have exceeded their individual quota, if Member State deliveries have also exceeded the national quota.

In 2013/14, the surplus levy total amounted to 409 million EUR [details]. 



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