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Commission provides broader forum to discuss implementation of Rural Development programmes in practice

The Commission has adopted a new structure to reinforce dialogue on Rural Development programmes in practice, bringing together the stakeholders of the well-established European Network for Rural Development and the European Innovation Partnership network.


On 20 November, a new EU Networks’ Assembly has been established by the European Commission, comprising 200 members from Management Authorities, Paying Agencies, the Civil Dialogue Group on Rural Development and others, aimed at advising the European Commission on how to better put Rural Development programmes into practice.

Commissioner Hogan said: "I am pleased to announce this new, broader forum to discuss how Rural Development programmes work in practice and how they can be further improved in future. The aim is to bring together the successful European Network for Rural Development and the new European Innovation Partnership network with the aim of improving the coordination of activities and achieving synergies and efficiency gains for achieving Rural Development objectives."

Within the framework of the new Assembly, the European Network for Rural Development and the European Innovation Partnership Network aim at:

  • increasing the involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation of rural development;
  • improving the quality of rural development programmes;
  • playing a role in informing the broader public on the benefits of rural development policy;
  • supporting the evaluation of rural development programmes;
  • facilitating the exchange of expertise and good practices;
  • establishing a dialogue between farmers and the research community and facilitate the inclusion of all stakeholders in the knowledge exchange process.

>> Read the Commission Implementing Decision setting up the EU Rural Networks’ Assembly български (bg)czech (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)Français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)hrvatski (bg)italiano (it)latviešu (lv)lietuvių (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv)


On 24 November, the Commission published an invitation to EU-wide organisations representing regional and/or local authorities active in rural development, including the connections between rural and urban areas, to apply for membership of the EU Rural Networks' Assembly.

>> Details about the call for applications for membership in the EU Rural Networks’ Assembly



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