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European Milk Market Observatory holds its first regular meeting to review dairy market situation


The Economic Board of the European Milk Market Observatory (MMO) is holding its first regular meeting in Brussels today, just a few weeks after the MMO was established by the Commission.

Chaired by the Commission, the Board comprises experts from organisations representative of the milk supply chain (COPA, ECVC, CEJA, EMB, COGECA, EDA, EUCOLAIT and EUROCOMMERCE).

In today’s meeting, these experts will discuss the latest market data, and assess the short to medium-term dairy market situation. The aim is to provide, for the benefit of all economic actors, a clearer picture of the market situation. A summary of the discussions will be posted on the MMO's website in the next few days.

In the context of the abolition of the milk quota system on April 1, 2015, the MMO recently set up by the Commission aims at increasing transparency and providing accurate market data, so that actors of the milk supply chain can take well-informed business decisions and help the sector adapt to the new environment, after some 30 years under a quota regime. Data on the MMO website is updated nearly every day and an e-mail alert service keeps all interested parties who registered updated on new developments.

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