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Commission consults public on schemes for Milk and Fruit distribution in schools



The European Commission is today launching a public consultation on the review of two programmes, the European School Milk Scheme and School Fruit Scheme, respectively providing dairy products and fruits and vegetables to children in schools.

The review aims to assess the impact of both programmes and to analyse how they should evolve in the future, in terms of choice of products offered to children or supporting educational measures.

The Commission is seeking input from the public on different policy options as part of its reflections on the future of both schemes.

In the school year 2010/2011, both schemes together benefited more than 25 million children across the participating Member States distributing around 43.000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables (to 8 million children) and 300.000 tonnes of milk and milk products (to 18 million children). 24 Member States participate in the Fruit Scheme (all except Finnland, Sweden and the UK) and 26 in the Milk Scheme (all except Greece).

EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural development Dacian CioloĊŸ said: "The feedback from these schemes is positive, both in health terms and terms of educating children on seasonal food production. We are therefore looking at options for scaling up and improving efficiencies of both schemes."

The consultation will run from 28 January to 22 April 2013.


>> More info on the consultation and how to participate



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