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       No. 126   6 July 2005

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European Commission welcomes US Commitment to Farm Reform
Speeches by Commissioner Fischer Boel
What's new on the Commission's "Agriculture" web site?
Calls for tender

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European Commission welcomes US Commitment to Farm Reform

04/07/2005 - The European Commission today welcomed the apparent willingness shown by US President George W. Bush to overhaul US agricultural subsidies. It hopes that the President's words, in an interview with ITV1 on the eve of the G8 summit, will be translated into genuine and far-reaching reforms which can find their way through Congress when the US Farm Bill is up for revision in 2007.

 Commissioner Fischer Boel's website
Speeches by Commissioner Fischer Boel

"CAP reforms deserve recognition" (The Royal Show, Stoneleigh Park, England, 03 July 2005)

"The challenges for EU agriculture" (Meeting with the French National Assembly, Paris, 29 June 2005)

"Preparing Europe's sugar sector for a competitive future" (Conference by CEPS, CIBE and EFFAT, Brussels, 28 June 2005)

What's new on the Commission's "Agriculture" web site?

"MAP"(Monitoring Agri-trade Policy) No. 02-05 - June 2005

Topic: Africa's agricultural economy - Its position in the world and its relations with the EU

 Calls for tender
Calls for tender

Important notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to Tenders Electronic Daily.

Study under a framework contract to assess the effectiveness of information and promotion programmes on the internal market : Contract notice and tender documents    [Deadline for submission: 31/08/2005]

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