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Free food for the most deprived

Free food for the most deprived: Annual plans

The MDP is funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF). Participation in the programme is voluntary for Member States.

The budget of the programme for the supply of food for the most deprived persons in the European Union increased from slightly less than € 100 million in 1987 to € 500 million in 2009 onwards.

Following a Court ruling on 13 April 2011 that any food covered by the programme could only be sourced from public intervention stocks (and not from the open market), the commitment for 2012 was limited to just € 113 million - equivalent to the remaining volumes of public stocks.

Thanks to the entry into force of the new legal frame of the scheme, the Commission amended the 2012 annual distribution plan, increasing to € 500 million the funds for the most deprived in 2012.

The annual distribution plan for 2013 was adopted by the Commission on 6 November 2012. This will be the last annual plan funded from the CAP.

Participation in the programme is voluntary; in 2013 nineteen Member States are taking part.




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