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Genetic resources

Genetic resources in agriculture: Publications


Brochure:"Preserving genetic resources in agriculture" pdf - 14 MB [14 MB] (2013)

This brochure presents the executive summaries of the 17 actions co-financed by the Community Programme 2006-2011. A printed version of this brochure can be requested via e-mail by indicating the address to which the brochure shall be sent.


Leaflet:"Preserving genetic resources in agriculture" pdf - 689 KB [689 KB] (2010)

This leaflet (version 1.1, updated July 2011) presents an overview of the 17 actions of the Community Programme 2006-2011.


Brochure: "Genetic resources in agriculture" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] (2006)

This brochure presents an overview of 20 out of 21 co-financed projects of the Community Programme 1994-1999. The corresponding input for the 21st project was received after the editorial deadline, and information about this project can be obtained at the coordinator's website.