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Genetic resources

The 17 actions on genetic resources in agriculture

The Community Programme on the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of genetic resources in agriculture has given rise to the following 17 actions, involving 178 partners located in 25 Member States and 12 non EU countries, and a total EU co-funding of EUR 8.9 million. The actions started in 2007 and have a maximum duration of 4 years.


Leafy vegetables001: Leafy vegetables

Grapevine008: Grapevine

Forest009: Forest

Cattle012: Cattle

Saffron and Co018: Saffron

Farm Animals020: Farm animals

Straw- and raspberries036: Straw- and raspberries

Sheep040: Heritage sheep

Rice049: Rice

Garlic and Others050: Garlic and others

Reserves Plants057: Crop biodiversity in situ

Oats061: Oats

Artichokes063: Artichokes

Livestock breeds066: Livestock breeds

Livestock Globalview067: Livestock global view

Nuts and Almonds068: Hazelnuts and almonds

Currants and gooseberry071: Currants and gooseberry


Coordinators, Co-Beneficiaries and Partners of actions co-funded under Council Regulation (EC) N°870/2004 pdf - 550 KB [550 KB]