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AGRI GEN RES 001: Leafy Vegetables Germplasm, Stimulating Use

Final results

The Leafy Vegetable action conserved, characterised, and collected leafy vegetables across nine Member States and one non EU country, developed leafy vegetables databases and increased the level of safety duplication. More information regarding the results can be found in the executive summary pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] .


To establish an active network in the conservation and utilisation of plant genetic resources of the most important leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach and chicory) and minor leafy vegetable crops (lamb’s lettuce and rucola)

Specific objectives:

  • To develop high quality European databases of leafy vegetables;
    • To characterise and regenerate ca. 1200 accessions of leafy vegetables, thus improving their conservation and utilisation;
    • To evaluate leafy vegetables for important properties of ca. 1000 accessions, allowing breeders to develop improved varieties;
    • To market and utilise activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) contributing to an increased use of the leafy vegetable collections by farmers and consumers;
    • To improve safety duplication of leafy vegetables in Europe;
    • To identify gaps in leafy vegetable collections;
    • To disseminate results via publications and presentations. To inform on results placed on the Internet. To organise a workshop for the

Actions and means involved

To meet the objectives of the Leafy Vegetables project a consortium of fourteen European partners was established which covers all the necessary knowledge to make this project a success. Five work packages (WPs) have been developed: Documentation (WP 1), Characterisation and Regeneration (WP 2), Evaluation (WP 3), Utilisation and Marketing (WP 4), and Coordination (WP 5). The mean emphasis in the project is on the WPs 2 and 3 as in total 1200 (C and R) and 1000 (E) accessions will be screened. The major investment in EU leafy vegetable genetic resources will result in the upgrading of the EU leafy vegetable databases and will allow for a considerably improved utilisation of these collections by breeders and also by NGOs active in the area of promoting regionally produced products. Furthermore the improved databases will allow us to analyse where gaps in the collections still exist. Also it will allow the EU leafy vegetable genebanks to safeguard in a better way there collections via the improvement of their safety duplications.

Relevance to the objectives

The action will ensure and improve the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of plant genetic resources in agriculture in the Community through:

  • Developing and updating of EU leafy vegetables databases, which will highly improve the management of and access to these collections.
  • Improving safety duplication of leafy vegetables collections, which will ensure safe conservation of these resources.
  • Identification of gaps in EU collections to improve conservation of the whole diversity of these collections.
  • Characterisation and regeneration of leafy vegetables, thus improving conservation and utilisation.
  • Evaluating parts of the leafy vegetable collections for important properties, thus allowing breeders to develop improved varieties.
  • Marketing and utilisation activities of NGOs, which will contribute to the utilisation of the collections by farmers and consumers. The NGOs will also stimulate the utilisation of selected material for restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets, etc.
  • Disseminating the results by means of publications and a workshop; placing the databases developed in the project on the Internet.


Organisations implementing the co-funded action pdf - 27 KB [27 KB]


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