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Forestry measures

Forest-based and related industries

The EU Forestry Strategy includes the following elements of particular relevance to the EU Forest-based & Related Industries:

  1. h) "the promotion of the use of wood and … as environmentally friendly products, in line with the rules of the open market;"
  1. i) "the contribution of forestry and forest-based industries to income, employment and other elements affecting the quality of life…"
  1. j) "the need for the better integration of forests and forest products from SFM in all sectorial common policies…"
  1. "CONSIDERS that forestry and forest-based commercial activities fall within the open sector of the economy and that their commercial functions should be guided primarily by market forces; NOTES that the Community has established a number of instruments to ensure that competition functions effectively;"
  1. 1st indent: "NOTES that the Commission intends to present a communication on the competitiveness of the forest-based industries."

The EU forest-based and related industries comprise the following industrial sectors:

  • woodworking, cork and other forest-based materials

  • pulp, paper and board manufacturing

  • paper and board converting

  • printing


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Other relevant areas of activity


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Last update: 06-01-2010