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Forestry measures

Standing Forestry Committee

The Standing Forestry Committee (SFC) was set up in 1989. The Committee represents forestry administrations of the EU Member States. The Committee has 25 members representing the Member States. The European Commission is the chairperson of the Committee. Members of the Committee are nominated by the governments of the EU Member States. The SFC has a three-fold role:
  • it acts as an advisory and management Committee for specific forestry measures;
  • it is also an ad-hoc consultation forum that provides expertise in connection with the development of forest-related measures in the framework of various Community policies, such as those on rural development and the environment;
  • it provides a venue for exchange of information among Member States, and between Member States and the Commission.

General activities of the Standing Forestry Committee

During the period 1999–2003, the SFC has carried out its management function for the specific forestry regulations on the protection of Community’s forests against atmospheric pollution and the protection against fire, as well as for the implementation of the EFICS Regulation. Since these regulations ended in 2002, the management function of the SFC for a while were limited to the implementation of the Forest Focus Regulation, adopted in 2003.

The SFC has also continued its role of an ad-hoc consultation forum on forest-related issues. Several subject matters, such as rural development, FLEGT, Natura 2000 and forests, research and forest certification have been discussed by the Committee over the last years. A total number of 112 meetings of the Standing Forestry Committee have been held from 1999 to the end of 2009.

Over the years, the third role of the SFC, the exchange of information between Member States and with the Commission, has become more important, which is reflected in the increasing number of presentations made by Commission staff from the different services, including information on forestry research, UNFF, FLEGT, etc. This development has met with a positive reaction from the Member States, as it responds to the growing need for timely information about ongoing and planned Community initiatives and activities.

The SFC plays an active role in ensuring that the EU Forest Action Plan works in practice, facilitating exchanges of experience, sharing information, strengthening cooperation between the SFC and stakeholders and preparing recommendations on specific topics.



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Standing Forestry Committee

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