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Europe's agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – frequently asked questions

Animal health and welfare

How are animals treated?

EU institutions and member countries must take into account animal health and animal welfare when formulating and implementing laws and policies.

Under the CAP, farmers must respect animal welfare standards and are given incentives to improve animal welfare even further.

How does the EU protect animal health?

EU rules on animal diseases - which are binding on the member countries - have been significantly improved over the years, with the accumulation of experience and expertise.



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A picture of EU agriculture

Basic CAP facts

Why the CAP?

The cost of the CAP

CAP reforms

Fact or fiction?

Rural Development

Food prices

The CAP and the environment

The CAP and trade

The CAP and developing countries

Food quality and safety

Animal health and welfare



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Last update: 20-04-2011