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The enlargement of the European Union

Slovenia Slovenia

Sapard Annual Implementation report (06/2003) [pdf]

Country Report (07/2002) [pdf]

Country file [pdf]

Government website [Important notice]

Sapard: National plan
[approved by Commission Decision C(2000) 3138 final of 27.10.2000]

  • Text + Annex I (Financial plan) [pdf, 629 KB]
  • Annex II (Technical sheets) [pdf, 261 KB]
  • Annex III (Tables and maps) [pdf, 99 KB]

Annual Financing Agreement 2003 [pdf]

Annual Financing Agreement 2002 [pdf]

Annual Financing Agreement 2001 [pdf]

Annual Financing Agreement 2000 [pdf]

Multi-Annual Financing Agreement

  • Text [pdf, 45282 KB]
  • Annex: Section A Financial Management [pdf, 118302 KB]
  • Annex: Section B Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Programme [pdf, 64945 KB]
  • Annex: Section C General provisions [pdf, 33872 KB]
  • Annex: Section D Quarterly and annual declarations of expenditure [pdf, 100235 KB]
  • Annex: Section E Guidelines for certifying body [pdf, 63837 KB]
  • Annex: Section F Text of Community Legislation referred to in Regulation (EC) No. 2222/2000 on financial rules for Sapard adapted for this Agreement [pdf, 71616 KB]
  • Annex: Section G Dispute Settlement [pdf, 15422 KB]

Commission Decision of 19 November 2001 conferring management of aid on implementing agencies for pre-accession measures in agriculture and rural development in the Republic of Slovenia in the pre-accession period



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