Agriculture and rural development

External studies

External studies

External studies
External studies

The following studies have been produced for the European Commission by outside organisations (including research bodies, universities and consultancy firms).

Further reports that have been produced for the European Commission by outside organisations can be found in the Evaluation chapter.


"GHG mitigation policy and EU agriculture (EcAMPA 2)"



"Exchange programmes for young farmers"


"Cost of and good practices for FADN data collection"


"Study on the labelling of products from cloned animals and their offspring"


"An economic assessment of GHG mitigation policy options for EU agriculture (EcAMPA)"



"Study on mandatory origin labelling for milk, milk used as an ingredient and other unprocessed meats"


"Modelling feed consumption in the European Union: update and improvement of the Feed-Model (FeedMod)"


"Assessing farmers' costs of compliance with EU legislation in the fields of environment, animal welfare and food safety"


"Study on the competitiveness of European wines"



"Study on assessing the added value of PDO/PGI products"


"Study on the potential for marketing agricultural products of the ACP countries using geographical indications and origin branding (ACP-AGGI)" + 2 case studies (Kenyan coffee / Cameroonian cocoa)


"Study on mandatory origin labelling for pig, poultry and sheep and goat meat"


"Analysis on future developments in the milk sector"


"Inter-laboratory validation of a method for detecting previously frozen poultry meat by determination of HADH activity"


"Assessing the risk of farmland abandonment in the EU"


"Labelling of agricultural and food products of mountain farming"




"Price transmission in the sugar sector"


"Value of production of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines, aromatised wines and spirits protected by a geographical indication (GI)"


"EP pilot project: Support for Farmers' Cooperatives"


"eGovernance study at EU / Member State level"


"Study of physiological water content of poultry reared in the EU"


"Impacts of Renewable Energy on European Farmers"


"Use and efficiency of public support measures addressing organic farming"


 "Assessing Agriculture Vulnerabilities for the design of Effective Measures for Adaption to Climate Change (AVEMAC project)"




"Addressing biodiversity and habitat preservation through measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy"


"Potential for diversification of the rural sectors in Albania and Montenegro"


"Study on administrative burden reduction associated with the implementation of certain Rural Development measures"




"Implications of Asynchronous GMO Approvals for EU Imports of Animal Feed Products"


"Employment, Growth and Innovation in Rural Areas"


"Prospects for the market supply of wood and other forest products from areas with fragmented forest-ownership structures"


"Evaluation of the livestock sector's contribution to the EU greenhouse gas emissions"


"Marketing standards in the fruit and vegetable sector"


"International scientific workshop on plant authentication methods of Basmati rice"


"Impacts of the EU biofuel target on agricultural markets and land use: a comparative modelling assessment"




"Modelling of feed consumption in the European Union"


Update of Analysis of Prospects in the Scenar 2020 Study: "Preparing for Change"


"Provision of public goods through agriculture in the European Union"


"Study on the economic, social and environmental impact of the modulation provided for in Article 10 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003"


"Shaping forest communication in the European Union: public perceptions of forests and forestry"


"Feasibility study on the setting up of a platform for data and information exchange for the European fruit and vegetable market"


"Economic Impact of the Abolition of the Milk Quota Regime – Regional Analysis of the Milk Production in the EU"




"Review of Rural Development Instruments"


"Study on the Functioning of Land Markets in the EU Member States under the Influence of Measures Applied under the Common Agricultural Policy"


"Agricultural Insurance Schemes - 2"


"Study on the Development and Marketing of Non-Market Forest Products and Services"


"Impacts of Climate Change on European Forests and Options for Adaptation"




"Study on Availability of Access to Computer Networks in Rural Areas"


"Economic analysis of the effects of the expiry of the EU milk quota system"


"Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector"


"Study of the Effects of Globalization on the Economic Viability of EU Forestry"


"Liability and Compensation Schemes for Damage Resulting from the Presence of Genetically Modified Organisms in Non-GM Crops"


"Study to assess the administrative burden on farms arising from the CAP"


"Study on High Nature Value Indicators for evaluations"


"Study on the cotton sector in the European Union"




"Analysis of the requirements for soil and biodiversity protection as well as for greenhouse gas mitigation within the rural development programmes"


"Agricultural insurance schemes"


"Study on the state of agriculture in five applicant countries"


"Study on environmental consequences of sheep and goat farming and of the sheep and goat premium system"


"Scenar 2020 – Scenario study on agriculture and the rural world"




Impact analysis: "Study on baseline and impact indicators for rural development programming 2007-2013"


"Indicators for the evaluation of the EU's Rural Development Programmes"