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External study: "Value of production of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines, aromatised wines and spirits protected by a geographical indication (GI)"

Final report - October 2012

This study, financed by the European Commission, was carried out by AND International. The conclusions, recommendations and opinions presented in this report reflect the opinion of the consultant and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Commission.


Judgement on the quality of the report pdf - 36 KB [36 KB]


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Annex - Fact sheets:

NB: Fact sheets may be missing for some sectors or countries for statistical confidentiality reasons.


Main findings in a nutshell

This study has, for the first time, collected and analysed economic data on all Geographical Indications (GIs) produced in the European Union, over the 2005-2010 period.

>> What are GIs?


The study estimates the worldwide sales value of EU GIs at € 54.3 billion in 2010, at wholesale stage. 

Of these total sales

  • wines account for 56 % (€ 30.4 billion)
  • agricultural products and foodstuffs for 29 % (€ 15.8 billion)
  • spirit drinks for 15 % (€ 8.1 billion)
  • aromatised wines for 0.1 % (€ 31.3 million)

These sales were made in:

  • the country of production (60 %)
  • EU countries (20 %)
  • outside the EU (20 %)


The total value of GI products exported outside the EU is estimated at € 11.5 billion. This represents 15 % of the total EU food and drinks exports.

Of these total GI exports (in value)

  • wines account for 47 %
  • spirits for 44 %
  • agricultural products and foodstuffs for 10 %

The main export destinations are

  • the US (30 % of total exports)
  • Switzerland and Singapore (7 % each)
  • Canada, China, Japan and Hong-Kong (6 % each)

Value premium

The study also included an analysis on the value premium of products bearing a GI. This value premium reflects the premium that a GI can expect from the market, compared to similar non-GI products.

The study estimated that in average GI products were sold 2.23 times as high as a comparable non-GI products.

This does, however, not mean that GI producers' margins are 2.23 higher, as GI producers often face additional costs due to compliance with the GI specification.

Another study is currently carried out to determine the added value for GI producers (corresponding to the value premium less additional costs). It should be available early next year.



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